Mr. Nikola Marković, PhD/MFA, as an artist, architect and designer, has been successfully creating for more than 30 years. He graduated in 1993 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje and obtained his Masters in painting at the same faculty in 2006. After graduation, until 2003, he held a position of art director of “ABM Studio” LLC, a design and advertising company, and the position of the executive director of the art studio LLC “Hot Moon Lounge” from 2007 to 2010. In the capacity of a lecturer, he was hired in 2008 at the FVA of the University Mediterranean in Podgorica on the subject pf Fashion Design. Since 2001, he has been working on a basis of a temporary contract as a designer of large architectural and urban projects in five domestic and several foreign companies and municipalities. For the mentioned companies and employers, he participated in the design and execution of 18 facilities, including the discotheque “Miracle Lounge”, “Top Hill” and “Mirax” in Budva, than the facilities of “Auramontenegro” in Bečići, clubs “Titanic” and “Nosorog” in Moscow, casino “Volcano 1, 2 and 3” in Podgorica, restaurants “Maša” (conceptual solution) and “Romanov” in Podgorica and Sveti Stefan, business centers in Budva and Podgorica as well as 6 luxury villas with architectural, interior and exterior design for domestic and foreign investors. In the capacity of the main designer, he prepared the project and the implementation of a unique masonry and complete arrangement of the pedestrian track at Zavala in 2008, (the location of Bečići, Budva). He is the author of unique art collections for the interior of the “Romanov” hotel on Sveti Stefan, the hotel “Monte Casa” in Petrovac and the hotel “Aleksandar” in Novi Sad. The mentioned collections are a permanent exhibition of the mentioned objects with more than 400 works of art and exhibits. At the invitation of the company Nika Group from Moscow in 2011, he prepared the preliminary design of the settlement “Chaika Rezidens” in Sochi and the project “Aura” on the coast of Crimea. He is a freelance artist in since 1998, he has organized 23 solo exhibitions in the disciplines and techniques that he deals with in various fields of art practice.

      In the school year 2004/2005, he enrolled the postgraduate studies, a direction of AUD, Architectural Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He passed the thesis as at October 9, 2012, thus obtaining the title of Master of Science in Architectural Urban Design. Since September 2013, as a associate in lecturing, he was engaged at the faculties of FDM and Polytechnic at the University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica. As at June 20, 2017, he successfully presented the Doctoral dissertation Innovations of contemporary architecture from artistic practice and kineticism to Kinetic Archisculpture at the Architecture Faculty of the University in Belgrade (AUP Area). In addition to the above-mentioned projects and works in the field of professional development, he is the author of six monographic publications published by the universities and faculties with which he was engaged as a lecturer and expert associate in lecturing.

       He is a member of the Association of Artists of Austria / BV, the Council of Court Experts of Montenegro, the Association of Architects of Montenegro CAM, the President of the Expert Council of the jury of the international competition organized by “Russian Silluet” for the company Afrodita still in MNE. Since 2011, he is a member of the Creative Council of the American Academy of Engineering and Regional Research Center for MNE. Since 2016, he is a member of the Commission for the Establishment and Valorization of Cultural Property of the 20th Century at the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro. From 1993 to 1996, he was a member of the board of directors of the International Academy of Performing Arts “Open Road” Moscow. He is a Member of the Association of Artists of Montenegro since 1989. For his work, he has won several international and domestic awards and recognitions both in the field of design and in the fields of architecture, interior design and contemporary art.


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