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Night Watch - sculptural installation 1996 / Hommage to Cesar B

We have to observe shown virtual illustrations of installation of this work in specially formed and intuitive visualized spaces. This illustration represents four glass sculptures that outflow and then process with four different murano glass surface processing techniques (the predicted height of every drip molding as a sculpture segment is 2m). As such, the sculptures personify a special ritual metaphor of crystal history. In this exact concept the metaphor has a biblical stronghold through a symbolic angelic representation of value of a symbol and ritual of the angelic publication act itself. The showroom is in materiality concept and wall processing, covered in black plush and it is required to put a single changeable dynamic laser source of light under each of the sculptures in the floor basis, which will sublimate a glass form setting, in almost bionic designed incidence of breathing. The mentioned impression makes contoures of form's real framework turn into imaginary with complete sound coordination (in the background there will be played a melody of Bowie's famous musical achievement "Little China girl") for materiality of glass. Apart from specified, the piece is going to form matrices of organically and biologically set up reflexes and symbols of a newborn's life (breathing, heartbeat, optical reflexes etc.) by using already transferred visual and sound effects.

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